The Shade Trust is a charitable trust governed by its trust deed executed on the 26th January 2012 and the trust was registered with the Charity Commission as a registered charity number 114738, on the 19th of June 2012.

The Shade Trust was formed in 2012 as a sister organization to Caravan International, an ngo that supports orphans and widows in India.

At this time, there are no separate institutions or agencies providing social services to widows and orphans in India. Even though in some parts of India a very meagre pension for widows is available and there are child friendly programs run by NGOs and government agencies, their reach is very limited and the benefits are not reaped by most members of our poor and vulnerable communities.

There is also a very negative social stigma forced upon widows and orphans that limits their capacity engage and participate in communal and work life in a normal and productive manner. This makes it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, for widows to provide for their families. The concern of women's empowerment is a cross-cutting issue affecting all of society. The Shade Trust addresses the problems faced by single women who are the heads of their household by working with them through Caravan to become economically secure and, therefore, self-sufficient.


To be a global charity which helps the orphans and widows of the developing world while enhancing social cohesion by inspiring people to make a difference and help build a better future for us all.


  • To transform the lives of people living in impoverished communities by creating a self-reliant, sustainable future through education, moral support, financial aid for major medical needs and mentoring and coaching life skills.

  • We campaign for the education and welfare of the young and deprived across the developing world by providing them equal opportunities to achieve their full potential.

  • To empower widows to bring up their children as valued citizens of their country.

  • To create partnerships that promote and incorporate charity, compassion and dignity to produce human development.


  • Providing resources and financial support for quality education

  • Providing financial support for basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter

  • Developing and ensuring the dignity and self-esteem of each member

  • Increase community awareness of the needs of the caravan families


  • Honesty in all areas, compassionate and empathetic to all.

  • Transparency in work and accounting,

  • To pursue the goal of serving humanity through care, mercy and resp

  • To be dedicated and work with zeal and passio

  • To be guided by on Islamic values in all our work

  • Serving the local communities in their own infrastructures to avoid huge costs

  • Minimum Administration cost

  • Impartial Communication

  • Investing in Staff development for a service of dedication of quality.

  • Beneficiaries and other stake holders to be treated equally with respect.


Because of limited funding and resources, Our unique feature of avoiding huge costs, by utilizing existing infrastructure already present in the community is key to our success. Creating partnerships for services within each community also goes a long way to stretching donor dollars and ensuring positive outcomes for each family we serve.

We have also built and incorporated a system of promoting growth and progress through strict monitoring, supervision, reviews, social audits, strong management, and personal interaction between beneficiaries.

 In order to make it 100% beneficiary focussed, The Shade Trust does not charge administrative costs from Donors money as we are trying to achieve a sustainable model wherein external projects helps cover admin and other overhead costs.




How you can help us

Just call at +4407735599968 to make a donation

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