• Empower an Orphan
    Help Provide Quality Education
    Teach good morals, kindness and compassion through Maktab studies.
    Provide Basic Necessities... Food, Clothing
    Send Much Needed Seasonal Help to the Vulnerable and Needy
    Micro Financing- Towards Independence
  • Emergency Relief
    Help Provide Emergency Relief Services

About Us

The Shade Trust partners with NGOs , Trusts and institutions to help reduce poverty among orphans, widows and single women through sustainable strategies. We work to improve access to quality education, both mainstream and maktab related, assist in health care and provide training for stable livelihoods. The Shade Trust currently supports the Caravan project, mainly through fundraising. It keeps a close eye on the correct utilisation of its funds, with transparency. The Caravan project works closely with orphans and widows, to provide quality education to orphans and assistance to widows, from the vulnerable sections of society. Progress is monitored through working and sharing of information in the form of reports, audits, inspections and personal visits.

Focus Area

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JOURNEY TO THEIR DREAMS – Since 2010, Caravan has had a positive impact on the lives of orphans and widows in India. This short film shows how Caravan helps widows attain autonomy and access to education for the orphans to fulfil their potential. See how Caravan changes the lives of widows, their childeren and orphans for the better.

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Blanket Distribution
  • at 9:00 Am - 12:00 Am
  • Bandipora, Kashmir.
  • 23
  • Dec 2017
Blanket Distribution
  • at 2:00 Pm - 5:00 Pm
  • Budgam, Pattan, Srinagar - Kashmir.
  • 24
  • Dec 2017
Annual School Exam result
  • at 10:00 Am -
  • Kashmir and Assam.
  • 5
  • Jan 2018

Our Projects

Orphan Sponsorship, Private School, Tuition and Madrasah Fees

Sponsored orphans receive a quality education and Islamic studies. Student tuition, fees, travel expenses, clothing and school supplies are provided f...

  • Raised: £26400
  • Goal: £154000
Vocational Training

After completing their 10th or 12th class, each child has the option of enrolling into an ITI vocational training course. The goal is to ensure that e...

  • Raised: £2200
  • Goal: £22000
Skills Development Classes

During school breaks, students are enrolled in classes such as English, computer skills and personal development to enhance their academic studies and...

  • Raised: £1150
  • Goal: £10000
Health & Well Being

Each child enrolled into our partner programs receives compulsory health checks every 6 months. We know that good health care and health care educatio...

  • Raised: £200
  • Goal: £88000
Micro Financing

Widows who are eligible are given the opportunity to apply for and receive a onetime micro-loan to help finance them as they create their own liveliho...

  • Raised: £750
  • Goal: £7500
Livestock Support

When a widow with no other means to feed her family is given even just one goat or cow, it makes all the difference between starvation and properly fe...

  • Raised: £225
  • Goal: £11250
Seasonal Services

Seasonal supplies such as food kits containing one month's worth of food during the month of Ramadam are provided to families in need. During summer m...

  • Raised: £7500
  • Goal: £22500
Re-Building Housing

Through our donors we are able to provide funding to many families living in appalling conditions or whose home was damaged or swept away in a disaste...

  • Raised: £750
  • Goal: £12500
Disaster Relief Fund

This fund is used year round to help very poor families when disaster strikes. When homes are destroyed, valuables lost and when people need medical c...

  • Raised: £250
  • Goal: £2500
Financial Aid & Education

Extremely poor widows and single women receive a monthly stipend to help meet their most basic needs such as food, housing and clothing. They also rec...

  • Raised: £4320
  • Goal: £12000